Valengrams Header

Our popular Valengrams are back! We have quartets ready to sing for your sweethearts on February 14th anywhere in Santa Cruz County between 9:00 AM and 8:00 PM.

We have performed Valengrams for teachers in their classrooms, coaches on their sporting fields, husbands and wives at work, loved ones in hospitals and assisted living. We even delivered a Valengram via Skype to parents in the midwest! So order your singing Valentines now - there are a limited number of spots available, and they sell out fast!

This year, we're offering two Valengrams packages, $50 or $100.

$50 Valengram Package includes

  • Singing Valentine
  • Single red rose
  • Valentine Card
  • Small box of chocolates
$100 Valengram Package includes
  • Singing Valentine
  • A dozen red roses
  • Valentine card
  • Large box of chocolates