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Coastal Blend is now PREMIUM BLEND!

Premium Blend - l-r Nancie Barker (baritone), Ian Blackwood (lead),
Robert Statsinger (bass), Dale Summer (tenor)

Coastal Blend sang together for 5 or 6 years. When bass Dan Jett retired in 2016, we took some time off to regroup. Knowing we didn't want to stop singing, we called on bass Robert Statsinger, and came back strong as Premium Blend! We still sing a wide variety of music including, barbershop, Doo Wop, Western, Folk, Humorous, Love songs, and more.  We love to sing and have fun.  We sing for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, funerals, parties of all sorts, seasonal events, civic events and just about anytime we can!!!!


Premium Blend at Sing For Your Life 2018

Member info:

Dale  is our tenor (those high notes!!!).  She is also the Associate Director of The Gold Standard Chorus.  She loves to quilt, do pottery and have fun.

Ian is our lead (usually the melody).  He is an architect/designer and on the Historic Preservation Board in Santa Cruz and a docent at Wilder Ranch State Park.

Nancie is our baritone (all of the notes that no one else wants!).  She is a blacksmith and is also a docent at Wilder Ranch State Park and she loves gardening.

Robert is our bass (all those really low notes!) He is a software sales engineer. He also plays guitar in a few different local bands.

For bookings, call Nancie Barker (408) 782-5044